Friday, March 24, 2006

Anna Thai, Enmore Road, Enmore

Anna Thai, Enmore Road, Enmore
Thursday 23 March, 2006

The small strip around the Enmore Theatre has seen a variety of restaurants over the years but there's been one constant - Anna Thai.

I love this place because it's fast, efficient and really cheap. It's one of those places you stop for a quick bite on the way to somewhere else. Tonight we were off to see De La Soul at the Enmore Theatre. As they weren't due to take the stage till after 9.30pm (it was actually 11.15pm...) we decided to have a meal beforehand.

Anna Thai is a family run business and usually the kids are ordering and serving the meals. Tonight it was quiet so only the son was working. The decor is wood - wooden floorboards, wooden chairs & tables, wood paneling on the walls etc - it's a wood lovers dream. To everyone else you are initially taken aback.

We were served prawn crackers with peanut sauce while we sussed out the menu. The good 'ol prawn cracker has never gone away but teaming it up with a bitey peanut sauce is very effective.

We ordered red curry beef with vegetables, coconut prawns with sweet chilli & honey, and chicken chilli basil. It was all bought to the table at once - I wish they had staggered the delivery to allow us time to enjoy the steaming dishes rather than feel we had to eat a bit of everything quickly while it was still hot.

The coconut prawns were delicious - think of a light, crisp batter with coconut and the dipping sauce was delicious - sweet chilli and honey - great combination. The chicken chilli basil had a good kick to it. We had way too much food as usual.

The bill came to $25pp which included 3 mains, rice and drinks - a great place for a quick bite and very cheap & cheerful.

Anna Thai - 154 Enmore Road, Enmore - (02) 9557 0511


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