Monday, April 16, 2007

Harts Pub, cnr Essex and Gloucester Streets, The Rocks

Harts Pub, cnr Essex and Gloucester Streets, The Rocks
Monday 16 April, 2007
When we ate here last May is was a disaster, so it was some trepidation that we returned today. Would it be as bad? Had they improved?
We arrived on this slightly overcast day and smelt the BBQ immediately. Mmmmm. We walked outside and were pleasantly surprised to find a table set aside for our group. The outdoor area is hidden behind the Shangri-La Hotel and is a sandstone lovers dream. One menu was provided between the 6 of us so we had a quick glance and shared it around. There were no staff to be seen so we decided to go inside and see what happened.
From the outdoor seating area we walked into the top floor bar and surprise, surprise it was closed. However, inside was a large chalkboard advertising the $10 BBQ lunch. We had to go downstairs to order food and purchase drinks from the 2nd floor bar. Then, we were provided with plates. There was no explanation of what to expect, where to go to collect our meals or how the lunch BBQ worked. Not to worry, we figured we would go back to our table and smell the BBQ cooking.
Harts Pub is described as being fully restored to its c.1800 splendor but is a little tired looking in 2007. There were a total of 2 staff working three floors of the pub and one was supposed to cook the meals on the BBQ too. Once we could smell the BBQ cooking away I wandered over to enquire about our meals and was assured that everything was AOK by the mumbling waiter. He also motioned to the salad bar inside which I took to suggest that we could help ourselves to once the BBQ was ready.
A short time later another waiter appeared and indicated that our BBQ was ready. Plates in hand we lined up to pick out our BBQ steaks and burgers along with toasted buns. Then it was inside for salad. There were bowls of beetroot, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, greek salad, potato salad, cheese and an array of mustards. With plates piled high we returned to our table to tuck in. Overall, everyone enjoyed their meals - it was relaxed, not busy and the food didn't take long. The only downside was the service..............

Harts Pub - cnr Essex and Gloucester Streets, The Rocks - (02) 9250 6022


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