Saturday, April 14, 2007

Firefly, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Firefly, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
Saturday 14 April, 2007

Firely is a favourite of mine. The last time I visited was for a very long lunch. Tonight we were off to see 'Pippin' the first production from Kookaburra - the National Musical Theatre Company at the Sydney Theatre.
We arrived on this balmy still evening and it's hard not to be impressed by the outlook. Overlooking the long wharf apartments and marina out to the Harbour, Firefly is the perfect venue to spend a few hours. We immediately went for the wine list as they have a wonderful selection of wines by the glass. We both opted for the 05 Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio Alto Adige, ITALIA described as Lemon, tropical fruit, herbal with a clean crisp finish. This has recently made a return to their menu and is noted as 'back by popular demand'.
The beauty of Firefly is that you can try a variety of dishes due to their tapas menu. However, if you just want your own meal you can also choose from the larger tapas plates. We ordered some small tapas plates to share:
- Twice baked potatoes, stuffed roast veg
- Prosciutto wrapped haloumi, asparagus & tomato
- Pork medallions, caramelised pineapple and grilled lime
- Chilli chicken chorizo, maple mustard
As the plates are delivered at different times you can really sit back and enjoy the flavours. The standouts for me were the Pork medallions and Chilli chicken chorizo. The staff are fabulous and also took the time to keep us up to date with the time knowing that we were off the theatre. We left with 10 minutes to spare and easily made it into our theatre seats about a minute before the lights went down.
Firely is a must.
Firefly - Pier 7, 17 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay - (02) 9241 2031


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