Saturday, June 09, 2007

Meals with Steph 2 - Camperdown

Meals with Steph 2 - Camperdown
Saturday 9 June, 2007

I love a good home cooked meal as I rarely do it for myself. So, it was with great delight that I accepted a dinner invitation from Meals with Steph. On this wet, wild & windy evening we were kept warm & toasty inside Steph's pad.

On arrival a glass of the very smooth Grant Burge red was waiting and the wonderfully rich small of home made beef pies in individual ramekin dishes. As we sat and enjoyed the wine Steph revealed her cooking efforts during the day - chicken satay and beef & burgundy pies had been tried and tested. But, the piece de resistance? Each pie had our initials baked into the top! Gold.

The taste? Absolutely delicious. The pastry was light and spilled over the top of the ramekin dish. Once you cracked open the pastry lid the heat just flowed out. I was amazed at how well they retained their heat. Inside thick chunks of meat in a burgandy sauce. Served on the side was probably some of the best mash I have ever tasted and green beans. They tasted even better by being dunked inside the ramekin dish first. Yum.

After we settled in and savoured the taste of the pies Steph announced there was dessert too! Sensational. Not that we needed any more food......but I was up for it. Prepared earlier that day Steph had cored and sliced some apples, added cloves and cinnamon and created a spiced apple crumble that was so good. Served with the crumble was a very creamy custard that is a family recipe.

I love getting invited to Steph's for dinner and the best part? We all left with take home packs of pies and crumble. So, you know what I'll be having for dinner on Sunday.


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