Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yellow Bistro & Food Store, Maclay Street, Potts Point

Yellow Bistro & Food Store, Maclay Street, Potts Point
Saturday 9 June, 2007
It's been over 12 months since I've been to Yellow. Located in Potts Points and surrounded by plenty of competition - it holds its own.

This morning I was meeting an old work buddy for a good catch up over brunch. It was still wet & windy after the shocking storms the day before so all the outside tables were empty. I walked inside and the smell of fresh coffee, eggs and pastry hit me. There were still a few tables free so I grabbed one by the fireplace and ordered my first coffee of the day. Within moments every available table was taken.
Yellow Bistro & Food Store is a fabulous place to visit - the staff are knowledgeable and friendly and you can browse through their food offerings for ideas/ treats to take home. George Sinclair from Yellow Bistro has worked with the best in the industry. He was apprenticed to Franka and Steve Manfredi giving him a solid grounding in Italian cooking. He worked at the Blue Water Grill alongside Perry, specialising in seafood and Damien Pignolet gave him his experience with classic French cooking. In 2000 he teamed up with Lorraine Godsmark, a renowned pastry chef and opened Six Seven Ate. Before he and Lorraine opened the Yellow Bistro & Food Store in Macleay street, Potts Point.
For those who know their history, the Yellow Bistro & Food Store came about back in the late 60’s when a group of artists headed by Marin Sharp and including Tiny Tim, Luna Park, Arthur "Eternity" Stace, Bruce Goold, Brett Whitely and George Gittoes bought the elegant Edwardian building … they painted it the original Van Gogh yellow and added Martin Snape balconies representing the Age of Aquarius.

To the right of the food store is an eye-catching pink-upholstered wall feature, abstract canvases and more wooden floor boards. The menu is lean for breakfast, lunch & dinner and this morning I needed some real comfort food. After enjoying my first coffee I ordered the Spanish chorizo sausages with cannelloni beans & tomatoes. My brunch buddy ordered the Croque madame which is basically a ham, egg & cheese fried sandwich.
We enjoyed every single mouthful. It's a little on the $$$ side but worth it.
Yellow Bistro & Food Store - 57 Maclay Street, Potts Point - (02) 93573400


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Hey Stephs, How is it going on? To introduce myself my name is Suren Srestha, and i am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am here for the studies on the Cookery and i had this assignment on to which i had taken Yellow Bistro & food store, and i needed the information on the history of the same and after a long and tiring search your comment helped me a lot, thanks mate, thank you a lot..

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