Sunday, August 26, 2007

Beaches, The Esplanade, Balmoral

Beaches, The Esplanade, Balmoral
Sunday 26 August, 2007
This morning after a welcome sleep in, my Melbourne buddy and I drove down to Balmoral for a late breakfast. Hoping to eat at Bathers, we took one look at the queue and decided to go to Beaches. It's been over 12 months since my last visit here.
We wandered in and asked for a table upstairs that commands views over the park & beach. How lucky were we? Right by the window was a table soaking up the gorgeous weather that was available. After ordering coffees - an essential after a big night - we looked over the menu. A new addition to their menu is the Champagne breakfast - for $27.50 you can have coffee, juice, champagne and anything off the food menu. Yes please!
For me the choice was easy - eggs benedict - I know, how boring to always order the same thing. But, the way I figure it I never cook this at home and it is my favourite! My Melbourne buddy ordered the English breakfast with poached eggs, bacon, tomato and mushrooms. The juice and champagne were delivered at the same time and it felt so decadent to be enjoying champagne over breakfast. I should do this more often!
The staff were pleasant but a little forgetful. Our waiter returned a couple of times to check our orders. Might have helped to write them down????? There were times when we wondered where the staff were but we weren't in a rush so were happy to take our time.
The food arrived and I thoroughly enjoyed my eggs benedict - I'm sure the pairing with champagne made it even more enjoyable. My Melbourne buddy devoured her English breakfast and the thick cut toast that accompanied it. We sat there in the sun looking out over the esplanade for ages - what a great way to spend a Sunday morning.
Beaches - 51 The Esplanade, Balmoral - (02) 9969 7704


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