Friday, August 24, 2007

Omni Blue - Cnr George & Margaret Streets, Sydney

Omni Blue - Cnr George & Margaret Streets, Sydney
Friday 24 August, 2007
Friday lunch time and the city comes alive with anticipation of the weekend. After a long week some old work colleagues organised a catch up lunch at quite possibly the loudest, busiest cafe in the CBD. We had attempted to eat here several months ago and they had lost our booking so we ended up at Bayswiss.
Omni Blue is located in the MetCentre with entrances via Wynyard Station or down the stairs from Margaret St. With its corner location, Omni Blu has a good sized dining space and also a large takeaway area. We arrived and were ushered in a by a frantic staff member who called everyone 'darling'. The dining space was loud, buzzy and manic with only 2-3 staff on the floor.
The menu is a mix of salads, risottos, pastas, burgers and more hearty meals like pork chops and salmon fillets. It took sometime to have our orders taken and the staff looked so flat out racing through the dining space with 3-4 plates of food at a time.
I ordered the Chicken caesar salad as did one of my lunch buddies. Our other lunch buddies ordered the Salt & pepper calamari and Chicken & chick pea salad. We received our drinks orders and watched the enormous plates of food go past. This is the place you will not leave hungry. The plates sizes are impressive and when our food arrived we all let out an audible gasp. Wow - each meal looked like it could feed a family of four.
The Chicken caesar was piled high and had a little too much dressing for my liking. That said, the croutons were served as large slices, the parmesan was in thin slices, the lettuce was fresh and crispy and the bacon was chopped in small squares. It was an impressive spread and I probably got through 75 % of it before admitting defeat. My lunch buddies also enjoyed their meals but none of us managed to clear our plates.
You need to raise you voices here as it's so loud. I wouldn't recommend it for an intimate lunch but for a catch up with friends where time is not an issue and you have a healthy appetite check it out! Bookings highly recommended.
Omni Blue - Cnr George & Margaret Streets, Sydney - (02) 9252 0041


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