Saturday, October 20, 2007

Delante, Waters Rd, Neutral Bay

Delante, Waters Rd, Neutral Bay
Saturday 20 October, 2007

I was first introduced to Delante back in March by an avid fan who dines their regularly. I was promised the best breakfast ever and as I've been out of town and still feeling a little jet lagged it wouldn't have taken an awful lot to impress me. However, this morning I was wowed.
We sat outside on this gorgeous day protected by the shade of the awning and overhanging trees. Within moments we were welcomed by the staff and had our coffee orders taken. That's the mark of a great cafe - take care of drinks orders first and leave us to ponder the menu.
With our coffees on the table we ordered. I let my breakfast buddy order for me and they chose a winner - Blue swimmer crab scrambled eggs with potato rosti, spinach leaves in balsamic and a side of sausage & bacon. Watch out! I knew we were going for a big breakfast but this seemed enormous.
To say the scrambled eggs were good would be an understatement - each mouthful was spectacular. The thin slices of crab cooked amongst the eggs was incredibly more-ish. The side of potato rosti, sausage and bacon held its own too - especially the sausages - small, chicken chipolates that had a gorgeous sweetness to them.
As hungry as I was I could only manage half this serving. So, my breakfast buddy got to enjoy it. Lucky devil!
Delante - Shop 1/12 Waters Rd, Neutral Bay - (02) 9953 1789


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