Monday, December 17, 2007

Belgian Beer Cafe, Harrington St, The Rocks

Belgian Beer Cafe, Harrington St, The Rocks
Monday 17 December, 2007

My dinner buddy had recently returned from Ireland where she was based for several years - so tonight was a great reunion. We met in the bar which is to the left from the entrance. First, you need to step across the clear perspex flooring exposing foundation stones - that are decorated for Christmas - very tacky!

The Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe was designed by the trendsetting Belgium-based design firm, Creneau. It is a place of glowing mahogany-stained solid oak, engraved bar stools, bevelled mirrors, vintage beer posters and etched glass. We were directed to a table for 2 by the window and then left alone for ages before our drinks orders were taken. This was fine as we were talking so much but after we did finally order drinks we were then approached in quick succession by several staff members for our meal orders.

On the menu is traditional Belgium food ranging from schnitzels, 'moules frites' (mussels with chips) cooked up eight different ways, steaks, sausages, meat balls and a variety of seafood. I decided to order the house speciality - this is the first time I've ordered the mussels - usually I go with the steak - and I opted for the Provencale cooked with tomatoes, herbs and garlic. The menu also provides some necessary advice:

Hint: Keep the shell from the first mussel you eat and use this as your pincher for the rest of the dish. So please... NO KNIVES AND FORKS. Our mussels are always of prime eating quality, however, in July and August they may have a slightly different taste because it is their spawning season.

My dinner buddy ordered the Chicken & Mushroom Vol au Vent - slightly creamy chicken, mushroom & asparagus casserole served in puff pastry case with chips and salad. When our meals arrived we laughed at their size - they were enormous! My mussels arrived in a large black pot with lid that was removed by the waiter and also served with a side of chunky fries. I thoroughly enjoyed the mussels but struggled to get through the entire pot. I did, however, use their recommended technique and it worked a treat!

The Belgian Beer Cafe currently offers several promotions:


Wednesdays will never be the same again - boys can head down between 6-10pm on Wednesday nights for half-price mussels.


Ladies, while the guys are stuffing themselves with half-price mussels, you can be sipping your way (responsibly of course) through your complimentary Kriek draught beer - all you have to do is be sure to be dressed in red, and you can enjoy Belgium's finest cherry-flavoured beer - between 6-10pm the Krieks are on us.

Belgian Beer Cafe - 129-135 Harrington St, The Rocks - (02) 9241 1775


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