Thursday, December 06, 2007

Intermezzo, Martin Pl, Sydney

Intermezzo, Martin Pl, Sydney
Thursday 6 December, 2007
I really enjoyed this place the first time I visited and was thrilled to return tonight. We had been at a networking event in the Lobby Bar and by 8.30pm were starving. Even though we didn't have a reservation we approached the Maitre'd and were welcomed through to a table overlooking Martin Place. This was perfect for people watching and the punters heading in and out of the Crystal Bar.
Head of the open kitchen is chef Mario Percuoco, who continues his family's legacy of passion for Italian food (father Armando Percuoco has been in charge of Buon Ricordo for almost 20 years). Our waiter was engaging and very professional - he delivered a plate of fresh bread, olive oil and balsamic in a dish and green olives which we devoured while we looked over the menus.
Where to start? All the food sounded fabulous, especially with the traditional Italian names listed and it was really hard to decide. I settled on the Tagliatelle al Tartufo - with wild mushroom, ricotta and black truffles. One dinner buddy ordered the Fagotti di Vitello - veal roll filled with pancetta, smoked bocconcini, pine nuts, baby spinach and raisins cooked in tomato concasse and our other dinner buddy struggled with her decision and put it to our waiter - what would you order? It was a choice between:
Rotollo D'Agnelo - marinated Victorian Gippsland lamb tenderloin fillets wrapped in pancetta served with sauteed red capsicum and polenta
Linguine Scampi - with New Zealand scampi, fresh cherry tomatoes and chilli
Our waiter made a hilarious pun about being indecisive and then offered to surprise her. We thought this was a great idea and looked forward to seeing what was delivered to the table.
The food was outstanding - I was so truly impressed with my tagliatelle - it was cooked al dente and the portion size was just enough to satisfy me. The combination of the wild mushrooms and black truffles was very flavoursome and for a mushroom lover seriously good. My dinner buddies both thoroughly enjoyed their meals and I'm sure you are wondering what the surprise was.......lamb.
Intermezzo is located in the heart of the city in Martin Place and situated on the lobby level of the Westin Hotel. This is an authentic Italian experience for those of you who appreciate good food, the best ingredients and are prepared to pay for it (the mains are between $31 - $41 each).
Intermezzo - 1 Martin Place, Sydney - (02) 9229 7700


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