Monday, November 19, 2007

Viva Goa, Scott St, Pyrmont

Viva Goa, Scott St, Pyrmont

Monday 19 November, 2007

Portuguese influenced Goan food from the west coast of India? The blackboard out the front summed it up nicely - 'It's bloody different' and with that we entered the small federation home that has been converted into a Goan restaurant offering spicy delicacies.

Located at the far end of Harris St, past the Point Hotel but not as far down as Sugaroom, Scott St is located on the right hand side. There is a small group of old federation buildings, many which have been transformed into restaurants. The interior is bare with wooden floorboards and a mixture of outdoor furniture that is uncomfortable to sit at or smaller tables for 2. Our group of 5 required a larger table and this meant the outdoor furniture setting.

Chef and host, Gus D'souza, prepares such divine food that we literally rolled out of the Viva Goa tonight. He was there to greet us and continued to smile at us as he cooked up our Goan feast - what a find. The menu is enticing and a good read with some background to Goan cuisine and a holiday snap from Augustine's childhood home in Goa.

As everything sounded good, we asked for the assistance of our friendly & very polite waiter. What are your 'must have dishes'? As our goan feast was made up of 3 entrees, 4 mains and 1 dessert we decided on the following dishes with expert advice from our waiter:

- BBQ octopus
- Lentil rolls
- Marinated chicken with yoghurt

- Goan fish curry
- Lamb shanks
- Beef with potatoes
- Chicken slices with yoghurt

When the entrees arrived we were like kids in a candy store. The entrees were presented on a large platter with sauces on the side - the selection and variety were seriously good and the BBQ octopus was so spicy it almost cleared the head cold of one of our dinner buddies.

The mains commanded just as good response and the highlight was the Goan fish curry - it was light and had hints of mango. We couldn't get enough of it. Each meat dish fell apart and offered a mild, delicate spice with flavours that exploded in your mouth. The food was outstanding and although we were hungry - we just couldn't finish off the mains - doggy bag! As our waiter cleared the near empty bowls from the table we remembered dessert. God help us.

I couldn't go past the steamed banana pudding with coconut ice cream while my dinner buddies tried the cherries with cinnamon ice cream and fennel pancakes with vanilla ice cream. Good comfort food that really hit the spot.

It took us a while to contemplate leaving and it was an effort. Viva Goa is a relaxed dining experience with lovely, polite staff, sensational food and bare, uncomfortably furnished decor. Viva Goa is worth a visit.

Viva Goa - 2 Scott St, Pyrmont - (02) 9566 1311


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's another goan restaurant in Dulwich Hill which is worth checking out - Casa De Goa - ... they were so nice - they even gave us a free dessert cause it was someone's birthday :)

4:14 pm  

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