Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ripples, Chowder Bay Rd, Mosman

Ripples, Chowder Bay Rd, Mosman
Thursday 27 December, 2007

The clouds parted today to reveal a stunning blue sky - where have you been?? This made our visit to Ripples all the more enjoyable as it really is a location to savour in good weather.

Driving through the bushland towards Chowder Bay you are reminded how wonderful Sydney is. The location is still under development and the first time I visited I thought it was a find - there is still alot of work to be done with the access, parking and signage and sadly these still haven't been addressed. Also the service has deteriorated. However, the food is just as good.

We arrived at midday and had to stand around waiting for a staff member to attend to us. There were plenty of staff milling at the bar but apparently they couldn't show guests to tables. So, we waited. Then we were directed to a fabulous table on the balcony in the corner. As we were seated my chair legs sunk between the cracks of the wooden boards and almost caused a disaster. The waiter was more concerned with her reaction than mine. So, after I picked myself up and re-positioned the chair we ordered some wine.

The menu is Italian inspired and we couldn't go past the reggiano parmesan cheese w 12 yr old balsamic and lavosh. It was presented on a thin platter and the parmesan was crumbly and bitey. The balsamic gave it an edge and the lavosh dunked in virgin olive oil completed the taste.

Around this time the outdoor balcony was filling to capacity. The water was sparkling below us and the view was striking. There was so much activity around us with the scuba diving school, boats in the bay, families in the park and lively diners in the cafe. For mains we ordered:

- Pan fried kingfish fillet on roast tomato, haloumi, preserved lemon
& parsley salad
- Oven baked lamb rump on vegetable cous-cous & harissa sauce

The food was delicious. My kingfish was salted and crispy and I loved the pairing with haloumi and preserved lemon. My lunch buddy also loved her meal - the lamb was very tender and the cous cous was served in abundance. The food was definitely the saving grace today.

We could have sat there for hours and soaked up the atmosphere with another wine. Bring back the long lunch!

Ripples - Deck C, Chowder Bay Rd, Mosman - 9960 3000


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