Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Chartwell, Vancouver, Canada

Chartwell, Vancouver, Canada
Wednesday 25 December, 2001

This was my first white Christmas and also my first Christmas away from home. My sister came over to visit me in Vancouver for a few weeks from her new home in London. We wanted to do something special (where we didn't have to cook) so chose the signature restaurant within the Four Seasons, Chartwell, for Christmas lunch.

The Four Seasons was beautifully decorated. The main foyer had a Christmas tree display with about 50 large trees each designed and decorated by different schools and businesses in the local area.

Chartwell is a very formal restaurant and it was nice to get dressed up for Christmas and not have to worry about preparation, cooking, cleaning etc. The staff were great (especially considering they were working on Christmas) and the dining room was full - families, couples and friends.

The food was divine - very creative with an original twist on Christmas.

- Pheasant consomme & mushroom ravioli
- Sushi & sashimi
- Beef tenderloin
- Stilten cheese & cranberry bread
- Mousse & ice cream

It was a great Christmas feast and for my only Christmas away from home - perfect.


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