Sunday, April 03, 2005

Le Fumoir, Paris

Le Fumoir, Paris
Sunday 3 April, 2005

This place is a real find in one of the most unexpected locations. Opposite the Louvre on Rue Adival du Coligny you will find a beautiful parisian brasserie. The surrounding area is quite touristy and pricy because of the Louve but this place is a MUST.

On Sunday book in for brunch (it is also a very hip bar so try it one night if you can't do Sunday brunch - it is on the World's Best Bars list). Bookings for brunch are essential and please specify (you will thank me later) that you would like to be seated in the library, yes, the library.

Entering Le Fumoir it feels as though you are being taken back in time. The staff are impeccably dressed and the dining space is far larger than it seems. The library is located at the rear of the premises so following your host through the restaurant you can take in all the parisians (there are next to no tourists here)enjoying their Sunday.

The library is very cosy but it is so gorgeous with floor to ceiling bookshelves and a range of french and english books. At Sunday brunch they offer a special for 25 Euros - juice, coffee, jams & bread, eggs benedict and pancakes and you get all of it!

It is a perfect place to kick back and enjoy a long brunch, read the paper or the books and take in the very chic locals.


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