Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nahm, The Holkin, London

Nahm, The Holkin, London
Wednesday 6 April, 2005

As the only thai restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star I just had to check this out. What's more for those who were fans of David Thompson's Sydney fare - this is his London venture.

Nahm is located within The Holkin - a very swish boutique hotel located on a largely residential street near Hyde Park Corner tube. It is quite understated and the staff are very eager to welcome you. It is a small-ish restaurant however there is a private room located at one end. The interior of the restaurant is a little off putting in yellow and dim lighting - not thai themed in anyway but more in line with The Holkin.

It was almost empty the night we dined there but this didn't take away from the experience - the food was beautiful, the service very attentive and knowledgeable. After discussing almost the entire menu with the staff - the menu is a little confusing to follow - we decided on coconut cupcakes and red crab curry. It was sensational and I could eat an entire plate of the coconut cupcakes myself...For main we enjoyed the monkfish curry - the servings are a little on the small size, so we also ordered a grilled chicken and chilli dish. Absolutely delicious.

However, overall I was a little disappointed - it's really good but I was expecting so much more.


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