Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Seafood 2000, Quy Nohn, Vietnam

Seafood 2000, Quy Nohn, Vietnam
Thursday 27 September, 2005

You have to visit this place to see it for yourselves. Seafood 2000 is tucked away in a quiet residential street in Quy Nohn town. It is a four story building that is packed every night. We were led to the fourth floor but not before taking in the scenes on the floors below. Shells by the hundreds are strewn all over the floor and the crowd is largely families and friends.

You don't order, the food just keeps appearing - & it is brilliant. Beers all round we kicked off with bowls of pippies and chilli, followed by platters of scallops with roasted garlic, calarmari with chilli paste, an entire crayfish each - smoked on the BBQ, then the finale a whole red snapper - grilled.

I can guarantee two things - you will not be able to finish all the food that comes to the table and you will enjoy tossing the shells over your shoulder onto the floor (it is perfectly acceptable - the staff are offended if you don't).

As it is a residential area, it is likely the families will be sitting out in the street after dinner. If you have a digital camera, the kids love having their photos taken and are blown away when they can see themselves on the screen seconds later.

Total cost per person - $20 Australian


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