Friday, November 04, 2005

Yellow Bistro & Food Store, Maclay St, Potts Point

YellowBistro & Food Store, Maclay Street, Potts Point
Friday 4 November, 2005

I gave my foodie friend an opportunity to pick any place in Sydney and she picked a place I had never heard of - in Potts Point! Come on, I said, surely you can do better than that?

Well, I ate my words literally. This is a real find and I have been back since to double check it was really that good. The location is fabulous - the trendy end of Maclay St and the building is gorgeous. Terrace like building painted bright yellow and each balcony is closed in with steel images of Picasso's Nude Boy - well, that's what it look like to me....I asked the waiter and he informed me that the balcony images were modelled on Picasso's work and the entire building mirrors a building in Paris. Wow!

For lunch (what impressed me was that each lunch offering was a smaller size than a main, so that you could indulge in something naughty afterwards) I chose the crab and mango stack - piled high with greens and a delicious tangy lime dressing. Very nice and light which meant that I would definitely indulge in something else - chocolate, caramel and macadamia tart - bring it on! Beautiful crust, simple and just so good.
The staff are all good - everyone is friendly, down to earth and happy to chat. I usually sit outside but the indoor area is cosy and spills into the deli/ pastisserie section where you can browse the wonderful quiches, sandwiches, tarts etc. And...the coffee is great too.

Yellow Bistro & Food Store - 57 Maclay Street - (02) 93573400


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