Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Vispo Espresso Bar, George St, Sydney

Vispo Espresso Bar, George St, Sydney
Tuesday 17 January, 2006

It was raining and we had planned to go down to Circular Quay for lunch. Plan B? Across the road from the office - Vispo Espresso Bar. I had never eaten there so it was a great suggestion from my lunch buddy.

Vispo offers outdoor and indoor tables plus lounges at the rear of the cafe. We opted for the rear of the cafe on the lounges. It was very comfortable and felt like a world away from the hustle & bustle on George St. Once seated, we were greeted by an extremely enthusiastic staff member who welcomed us and offered us menus. Her approach was a little over-enthusiastic but I'd much prefer this than the alternative.

The lunch offerings comprise of a variety of sandwiches, risottos, pastas and salads - it's not extensive and it did take me a while to decide. I opted for the nicoise salad and my lunch buddy chose the chicken BLT. Both meals came served on huge plates and unfortunately neither of us were able to finish them.

The nicoise salad was lovely with a good variety of green beans, olives, chat potatoes, lettuce, tuna steak, red onions and egg. It was delicious but I couldn't eat it all. The service was efficient and the food really good. The only downside? They don't allow you to pay separately.

Vispo Espresso Bar - 210 George St, Sydney - (02) 92514118


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