Sunday, April 23, 2006

Arthouse Blue, Bent Street, Moore Park

Arthouse Blue, Bent Street, Moore Park
Sunday 23 April, 2006

On our way to the Swans second home game (and second loss) we decided to have brunch at Fox Studios..or is it the Fox Entertainment Precinct ...or the Entertainment Quarter. I don't know I can't keep up.

The shops open around 10am on a Sunday and the markets were on, so you'd imagine there would be a lot of options for brunch. Wrong. There were three options - Bayswiss, Unleash Books & Cafe and Arthouse Blue. The others food options open around midday for the lunch crowd.

We chose Arthouse Blue and settled in their outdoor eating space - a raised platform covered by umbrellas. It was the only option in direct sunlight at this time of day. We weren't alone and within 20 minutes the entire outdoor section was full with Swans supporters including a few guys from the AFL commentary team e.g. Dermot Brereten and another TV personality Rex Hunt.

The staff were a little too eager and tried to take our order before we'd even looked at the menus. Not to worry we ordered drinks first. The menu had a variety of omlettes and egg dishes. We both went straight for the eggs benedict.

See the picture? That's what I think of when I see eggs benedict on a menu. What was delivered to our table was very different. The eggs benedict arrived on one piece of turkish bread with thin sliced ham then two poached eggs placed on top covered in a sauce (not hollandaise) and coated in what initially looked like cinnamon or nutmeg but was paprika. Whilst it looked kind of interesting it tasted strange. The coffee was average too.

Hopefully the Entertainment Quarter will encourage some of their other retailers to open for the brunch crowd.

Arthouse Blue - Shop 215, Bent Street, Moore Park - (02) 9331 4166


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