Saturday, August 05, 2006

Majors Bay Cafe, Majors Bay Road, Concord

Majors Bay Cafe, Majors Bay Road, Concord
Saturday 5 August, 2006

Today I visited a part of Sydney I have never been before - Concord. I was meeting a friend for breakfast - we hadn't decided where but were just going to wander until we found somewhere. We met at the bottom of Majors Bay Road near the roundabout and walked up. There were a handful of places to choose from. Some had spruikers out the front trying to engage you in conversation and encourage you to come inside. We settled on Majors Bay Cafe or MBC.

There was seating inside and outside - the inside seating appeared far more comfortable with cane woven chairs. We were welcomed in and sat in the rear on the raised platform. Unfortunately, there was no heating inside so it was cold and became freezing as the morning wore on. The seating outside looked uncomfortable but they had large heaters keeping the crowds warm.

We ordered coffees which were delivered promptly. The warmth from the coffee was a welcome relief from the cold. We scoured the menu which had a variety of breakfast options including pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs, eggs & bacon etc. We both settled on the eggs benedict with homemade MBC hollandaise and I ordered a side of sauteed mushrooms. We also ordered freshly squeezed juice - I ordered apple and my breakfast buddy ordered orange.

Behind the long bar, which runs the length of the on wall, was a barista who also doubled as the juicer. She proceeded to prepare our freshly squeezed juice using the industrial juicer that sent shockwaves through the interior of the cafe. Surely, this would better placed in the kitchen?

Our breakfast arrived and looked a little bare on the large white plates. A spot of garnish or something would have been a nice touch. The homemade MBC hollandaise was sensational and the perfect accompaniment for the sauteed mushrooms. The button mushrooms looked like they had been boiled and were served whole. They tasted bland on their own. However, with the hollandaise they were edible. The eggs benedict was good not great.

After breakfast, we decided to walk through the local shops which has a village like feel to it. We discovered a hidden gem - Bella Nice - which sells clothes, gifts, homewares etc. It is adorable and the prefect place to browse through. We both spotted beautiful clothes, quirky pieces of jewellery and really pretty scarves, evening bags etc. What a fabulous find!

The real purpose of my visit to Concord today was to experience Balcony Living. My breakfast buddy had first spotted this place in an airline magazine and been a loyal follower ever since. After months of raving about it I just had to go there.

Balcony Living does not disappoint. It is an inviting space created by Terril and Andrew Gibson. Terril's aim, as it states on their website, is to provide everything it takes to transform your balcony or outdoor room into a beautiful and innovative oasis. Today, Andrew was looking after the store whilst Terril was on a buying trip overseas. Their shop is amazing - it stocks beautiful gifts such as candles, soaps, display plates, homewares, cushions, unique jewellery, vases, coffee table books etc. Outside they have wonderful displays of water features, furniture and decorative pieces. I have become a fan.

Majors Bay Cafe - 80 Majors Bay Road, Concord - (02) 9743 1060

Bella Nice - 87 Majors Bay Road, Concord - (02) 9743 0074

Balcony Living - 54 Mortlake Street, Concord - 902) 8765 1789


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steph get a life, u just wasted a minute of our lives, enjoy your balcony

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