Monday, August 07, 2006

Sydney Dance Cafe, Pier 4 Wharf, Walsh Bay

Sydney Dance Cafe, Pier 4 Wharf, Walsh Bay
Monday 7 August, 2006

Each time I dine here I always say to myself afterwards, 'that's the last time'. The trouble is the lack of choice around the Sydney Theatre - but I have since been informed that I must try Firefly, Front, Hickson Rd Bistro etc. You don't know what you don't know!

Anyway, tonight we were off to see 'Ember's at Wharf 1 - a play by the STC based on the Victorian fires in 2002. Due to sheer convenience we met at the Sydney Dance Cafe.

Since my last visit, they have revamped the look/ feel of the cafe. There is a new bar area with great images of dancers across them, brighter lightening and new display cases for their cakes/ desserts. The menu has also been revised with more dinner options - thank goodness! If I had to eat that chicken pie one more time.....

Another change has occurred with the staff - new faces, polite and courteous service etc. However, you still have to queue at the counter to order and pay. There are no menus as such just a whiteboard that lists what's available. On night's when there are plays scheduled upstairs, there's always that inner fear that by the time you reach the counter they won't have your dishes left. Don't laugh, this has happened to us several times which is why I've had the chicken pie more times than I care to remember.

Tonight we ordered the salt & pepper squid on white beans and avocado with a balsamic vinegar dressing. Are you grimacing? The vinegar with the avocado and white beans was just too over-powering. A lighter dressing or no dressing at all would have been just fine. The salt & pepper squid was good but there wasn't enough of it - 4 large pieces left you craving more.

For $16 I think this is a little on the steep side and will keep the cafe for dessert/ coffee only from now on.

Sydney Dance Cafe - Pier 4 Wharf, Walsh Bay - (02) 9241 5021


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