Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Carluccio's, St Christopher's Place, Mayfair

Carluccio's, St Christopher's Place, Mayfair
Wednesday 6 September, 2006

I love St Christopher's Place - accessible via a small very discreet laneway off Oxford St it is bustling with boutiques and cafes - I absolutely love the atmosphere. This morning I was on the lookout for a breakfast spot and Carluccio's stood out. It's an Italian joint with deli at the front and cafe at the rear with plenty of seating upstairs and downstairs.

I entered the deli and was in awe of the beautiful products - pasta, james, cold meats, tarts, mushrooms etc. There is stunning cursive writing with phrases and tempting food treats throughout the interior and one stating, 'Enjoy our fabulous mushroom products and delicious mushroom fare throughout this season'. Carluccio's is named after the famous chef Antonio Carluccio who has written many Italian cookbooks, most recently - Italia.

I sat in the cafe were they offer all the English papers. The menu is full of delightful offerings and I decided to order the Colazione Magnifica - scrambled eggs with grilled pancetta, sauteed mushrooms, tomato and toasted cabiatta with coffee & juice for £7.50 - not bad.

The staff were very friendly and my breakfast was delivered promptly. The eggs were delicious and creamy, the pancetta salty and the mushrooms full of flavour. I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast but haven't been able to score a great cup of coffee yet. After brekkie I wandered through the deli and viewed the cookbooks - a foodie's paradise.

Carluccio's - St Christopher's Place - 020 7935 5927


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