Monday, September 18, 2006

Trattoria Nerone, Via Faenza, Florence

Trattoria Nerone, Via Faenza, Florence
Monday 18 September, 2006

After an eventful day we decided to do the Italian thing and eat late (it is not uncommon for Italians to arrive at a restaurant after 9pm for dinner). Trattoria Nerone was just down from our hotel and we had noticed it because of the large wood fired oven and cute pizza maker.

The interior was eclectic with random ceramic pieces e.g the dancing Spanish lady, the array of fascinating lamps positioned around the dining area e.g. Asian themed and the huge chandeliers dominating the dining space. It was bizarre but more intriguing were the bathrooms at the rear of the restaurant - each had a massive spotlight over the toilet bowl. Go figure....

The menu was primarily pizza so we decided to go with the house specialty. We kicked off with the cheese and fruit platter (I know, at home this would be served last) then both enjoyed a pizza. We kept it simple with a tomato, prosciutto and mozzarella topping and requested extra chilli. This had been a struggle throughout Italy - chilli is called a range of things and unfortunately our waiter misunderstood us and we received our pizzas with large chunks of capsicum on top (this is what he understood as chilli). We also received chilli oil and chilli flakes.

Interestingly each of the surrounding tables were full of Australian tourists - gee we get around! We enjoyed the atmosphere of Trattoria Nerone but our waiter was hopeless (it was his first night, so we sat back and watched like it was an episode from Faulty Towers).

Trattoria Nerone - Via Faenza 95, Florence - T: 0552 91217


Anonymous Pietro said...

i work in this restaurant!!

12:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife and I just got back from Florence we loved Nerone and ate there a few times! They had a wonderful Bruschetta with sauage and cheese, which we think was called strataggicho (the cheese that is).... we arent sure and got a little tipsy on the Vino della casa and forgot to write it down before we left....

WHATS THAT CHEESE CALLED!!! Please help - Thanks!!!!

9:05 am  
Blogger Steph said...

Hi Anonymous,

Glad you had a great trip to Florence. I think the cheese you are referring to is stracchino which is a fresh, cow's-milk cheese from Italy's Lombardy region. Stracchino contains about 50 percent milk fat and it's flavor is mild and delicate - similar to but slightly more acidic than cream cheese.

Have a chat to your local deli.


10:48 am  

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