Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hemmesphere, George St, Sydney

Hemmesphere, George St, Sydney
Thursday 14 December, 2006

Located on the 4th floor of the Establishment building - Hemmesphere is a lounge with a difference. I could easily move in - the low level lounges with colourful cushions, plush patterned carpet, sheer grey taffeta curtains, the mild scent of incense wafting across the floor and the high exposed beam ceiling. Sound inviting?

We were warmly greeted as we came out of the lift and shown to our designated area. Within moments we had been provided with a glass of bubbly - now, I'm definitely moving in. We had a small section near the George St side of the floor - it was still light when we arrived but this didn't last for long.

The staff swan around looking like they have not put much effort into their appearance but you know their look is well crafted with many sporting some interesting body art. Our waitress was pleasant and had topped up my glass one too many times without me paying too much attention. We desperately needed food by 7.30pm (all that alcohol without food could have spelled disaster) and thankfully they delivered:

- chicken fillet skewers
- lamb skewers
- goats cheese & sun dried tomato wafers
- fish & chips served in Chinese boxes

Maybe it was because of all that alcohol that the food tasted so great - we couldn't get enough of the chicken fillet skewers. The best part? Our waitress recommended the house specialty shots - glenfiddich, blueberries and vanilla foam - not a combination that I would usually consider but they were absolutely sensational!

Justin Hemmes was holding court on the lounges behind us - it's that kind of place, relaxed, unpretentious but very, very cool. I'll be back soon.

Hemmesphere, Level 4, 252 George St, Sydney - (02) 9240 3000


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