Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mino, Military Road, Mosman

Mino, Military Road, Mosman
Saturday 2 December, 2006

I had received so many recommendations to dine at Mino that I couldn't ignore them any longer. Tonight we were dining early before going to see 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan'.

Mino is a Japanese restaurant located next to Trans - one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants and also directly opposite the Mosman Hotel. It's a small space with minimalist decor.

We perused the menu before deciding on the Kaiseki banquet for $55 each. I was not familiar with Kaiseki cuisine, however learnt that it means a light meal served at a Japanese tea ceremony but is now also used for a style of light meal, a tasting menu, served in a Japanese restaurant. When researching the origin I discovered that Kaiseki originally meant Onjaku, a rock or a konnyaku heated by an open fire that was wrapped by clothes to warm oneself.

The Kaiseki banquet comprises 5 dishes and all had a seafood component. The presentation was just spectacular and every mouthful was an experience. By far my favourite dish was the sashimi - I could seriously live on this forever. It was cut in large chunks and presented in abundance with a good selection of wasabi and pickled ginger. Delicious!

Our other dishes were equally as impressive - the crab soup was another standout. The service is discreet and sometimes non existent but everyone is polite and there is a buzz throughout the small dining space.

The restaurant is packed most nights of the week so book ahead.

Mino - 521 Military Road - Mosman - (02) 9960 3351


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