Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Belvoir St Theatre, Belvoir St, Surry Hills

Belvoir St Theatre, Belvoir St, Surry Hills
Tuesday 5 December, 2006

Tonight we saw our final Belvoir play of 2006 - Keating! What a way to end the year - this musical is an absolute riot - it's seriously entertaining and real good belly laugh.

Located inside the recently revamped Belvoir Theatre is Silver Spoons Catering. They occupy one end of the bar downstairs and offer pre-theatre food & snacks. This evening their blackboard writer failed to turn up so they had no menu on display. Instead the guy on the cash register had to recite the meal offerings to every single person.

Tonight the offerings were Lamb & Pickles on a Greek Salad, Fish & Quick (poached salmon and potato salad) and a vegetarian offering that I didn't pay much attention to. We decided to go with the poached salmon. Each meal is served in the aptly named, Belvoir Box (think Chinese takeaway box).
Fortunately we arrived early enough to beat the rush so our Belvoir boxes were ready within 5 minutes. Our boxes consisted of large chunks of poached salmon on top of halved chat potatoes with a light mayonnaise on a bed of spinach leaves. It was light but needed to be mixed up to merge the flavour of the mayonnaise with the salmon, potatoes and leaves. Not bad..but for $14 a box a little $$$ as was the water for $4 per bottle.

I'd much rather go to Jazsushi just one block down on Devonshire St.

Belvoir St Theatre - 25 Belvoir St, Surry Hills - (02) 9699 3444



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