Sunday, December 17, 2006

Maggio's, Miller Street, Cammeray

Maggio's, Miller Street, Cammeray
Sunday 17 December, 2006

I was up at 6am this morning to pick up my sister from the airport - she lives in London and is visiting for 3 weeks. Sydney airport was a hive of activity with family & friends being reunited before the holiday season - it was emotional to watch some of the reunions, tears flowed freely and hugs were shared.

I had been searching for a cafe to take my sister for breakfast on the North Shore - somewhere I hadn't been before. I'd received a recommendation from a work buddy for Maggio's. I had driven past it several times and it was always busy with tables spread out across the pavement.

There were no tables outside when we arrived, so we wandered inside. My initial impressions were - babies and dogs. These are the accessories de jour. However, when we were handed menus I had de ja vu.....we were in the Australian arm of Carluccio's. For those that have visited London before you would have noticed the blue cafes in every location by Antonio Carluccio. I last visited Carluccio's in September so was very familiar with the menu. Strangely, Maggio's menu was an almost direct copy.

We spotted a table outside and grabbed it but then realised that all the babies and dogs were outside so it was very noisy. Nonetheless it was lovely to sit outside and enjoy the morning sun. My sister ordered the fruit salad with yoghurt and turkish bread with vegemite (she was having withdrawals) and I ordered the scrambled eggs on turkish.

The staff were friendly and courteous but after serving our coffees forgot our water. So, we had to ask for it again and it was delivered promptly. Everything was served at intervals, so the fruit salad arrived first followed by our coffees. After 10 minutes the turkish bread and vegemite came out and then another 5 minutes later my eggs. It was all over the place.

Our breakfast was really average - not a patch on Carluccio's.

Maggio's - 459 Miller St , Cammeray - (02) 99553303


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jeez relax woman, it's a cafe not a rocket launch so what if everything isn't exactly timed to perfection? go there enjoy the amazing food, friendly staff and 'relaxed sunday morning' atmosphere.

8:35 am  

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