Friday, December 15, 2006

Mirabelle, Alfred Street, Sydney

Mirabelle, Alfred Street, Sydney
Friday 15 December, 2006

I like the look & feel of Mirabelle - it is white, slick and the red lounge seating offers some cheekiness to the formal vibe of the dining space. Walking into Mirabelle from Circular Quay on this unseasonably cold, wet day we were greeted and shown to our table in the foyer of the AMP building. There are dividers to differentiate the restaurant and the office foyer however it has the general hum of a city office.

My last visit to Mirabelle was in October where I enjoyed the pot roasted chicken. Today I felt like comfort food and was pleased to see the menu had changed with lots of seasonal produce.

Our table of 5 were served drinks and bread - and our French waiter came by to read the specials out to us. The specials had been hand written on the dark green marble above the bar but were almost impossible to read, so having them read out to us by this lovely Frenchman was just divine.

I went with the snapper fillet served with summer vegetables in a light cream & lemon sauce. My lunch buddies ordered the spaghettini with yamba prawns, witlof salad with gorgonzola, honey & walnuts and 2 x the antipasto platter.

There was some confusion as one antipasto platter was requested with no olives and one was requested with olives. Both arrived at the table without olives. We had a series of waiters serve us and when this was explained another waiter appeared with two dishes of olives - what the!@?!

The food was delicious - my fish was absolutely perfect and the cream & lemon sauce was decadent but very, very good. The combination of summer vegetables was just lovely. We all commented on the great food and how we would love to sit back and enjoy the afternoon with a glass or two of wine but the office beckoned.

Mirabelle - Shop 1, 33 Alfred Street, Circular Quay - (02) 9252 3553


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