Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cafe Sopra, Danks Street, Waterloo

Cafe Sopra, Danks Street, Waterloo
Saturday 16 December, 2006

What a fabulous way to spend a Saturday morning. Danks St has totally changed in the past few years, there are now 3 different eating experiences - Danks Street Depot, Wah Wah Lounge and Cafe Sopra. The choices!

You enter the large stable like doors of Fratelli Fresh and walk past the small parking space and fresh produce stacked high on pallets to reveal the green grocer and cheese section. To the left is the new Electrolux kitchen where cooking classes are scheduled and just beyond this are stairs. The stairs take you up to Level one where a wonderful array of pastas and olive oils are displayed. At the rear is the buzz of Cafe Sopra.

Chef Andy Brun (ex Fuel Bistro) commands a happening, busy dining space that is open for breakfast & lunch. There are no menus just a large blackboard with everything listed resting against the wall. There is seating at the bar and a queue for the tables. Fortunately we didn't have a long wait for our table of five.

Coffees ordered we read the extensive menu but then decided to scan the floor to see what everyone else had. Every second table had plates of eggs piled high on a large round piece of bread. It looked like it had feta or goats cheese on top - so 4 of us immediately decided to go with this option.

We asked one of the friendly staff members what this dish was and it was the fritatta with goats curd and basil. Yes please! We also ordered sides of bacon and mushrooms. Our other brunch buddy ordered the fruit toast with ricotta and honey.

A short time later our waitress returned to explain that they were out of mushrooms. Not worries, we ordered tomatoes instead. Our waitress had us in hysterics as she kept coming back to the table with coffee & juice orders that weren't ours - she then made a call that she would just bring every order to us first...just in case. It was very funny and she was great value.

The fritatta was sensational - the eggs were so creamy and the goats curd was incredibly more-ish. We ordered more coffees and enjoyed the atmosphere before starting to feel guilty with the ever growing queue. We weren't made to move on at all - we decided it was time to go.

I'd like to return for lunch.

Cafe Sopra - 7 Danks Street, Waterloo - (02) 9699 3174


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