Thursday, January 25, 2007

Alchemy 731, Military Road, Mosman

Alchemy 731, Military Road, Mosman
Thursday 25 January, 2007

What an incredible disappointment. We were really looking forward to dinner here - especially after reading several reviews and receiving many recommendations. It's recent awards include One Chef’s Hat - SMH Good Food Guide 2007 and One Wine Goblet - SMH Good Food Guide 2007.

Alchemy 731 is located in a small group of shops near the Mosman RSL - there's plenty of parking around and it has a local feel.

Our night did not get off to a great start....we were late for our 8pm reservation however I did call and explain. The Maitre'd thanked me for calling but when we arrived his attitude was unnecessary.

The small dining space upon entry was full so we were led upstairs to another room. There were only two other tables occupied and it was incredibly quiet. So quiet that you didn't want to talk as the two tables could hear your entire conversation. Even stranger was that both table's occupants did not talk at all....throughout the entire evening. You could have cut the air with a knife. We did not let this stop us and chatted animatedly all evening.

The windows at the front of the room had frosted contact film over them, there were high ceilings and wooden floorboards and minimal artwork on the walls. There was no music playing so it was deathly quiet until a waiter arrived to service one of the tables.

After 20 minutes without any service we were convinced that our table had been forgotten about. We were finally served bread but then had to wait again to order drinks and obtain menus. Things were not going well.

The menu is minimal and offers two degustation menus and several a la carte offerings. Two courses for $48 and three courses for $63. I ordered the Aubergine tortellini, ratatouille, basil foam for entree and the Twice cooked Tinder Creek duck, honey glaze, aromatic cabbage for main.

After waiting another 45 minutes for our entrees our food was average at best. The tortellini tasted bland and looked like it came straight from a packet and the duck was fatty with hardly any meat. My dinner buddy ordered the sardine salad for entree and the Almond crusted Mirror Dory,polenta pont neuf and tzatziki for main. Words cannot express ourdisappointmentt.

There was no way we were going to stay for dessert...there was nothing special about this experience at all.

Alchemy 731 - 731 Military Road, Mosman - (02) 9968 3731


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