Thursday, February 15, 2007

Go Zen, Spit Rd, Mosman

Go Zen, Spit Rd, Mosman
Thursday 15 February, 2007

I've said this before but I'm going to say it again...Go Zen is a find. I rarely write about my visits here (and there have been many) as it's not a place I wish to promote. I has a lovely, hidden away vibe to it that will be ruined if everyone starts going there.
It was written up in the latest edition of Sydney Eats and these few lines sum it up nicely,

“Tucked down a very unexciting alley, tiny Go-Zen could be your next secret eating spot – if you can find it, that is. Top it all of with sake, warmed and served in traditional pottery.”
John Newton and Stephanie Clifford-Smith, Sydney Eats 2007 - September 2006
There were a few things that took place before we arrived - I forgot what time I had booked for, so had to call them and ask. Then we were running late, not by a few minutes or even 15 minutes but by 30 minutes. I called back and explained and they were absolutely fine about it and said they would keep the table. This was sincerely appreciated as there were 7 of us.
We arrived and scored the last two car spots in the rear carpark. We were warmly greeted and seated at the last vacant table. It's such a small space and only offers 8 or tables, so bookings are highly recommended. The decor is bland with minimal Japanese touches but this doesn't detract from what everyone is there for........the food.
With all the chatting and laughing it took us ages to order but we settled on:
- Seafood tempura
- Beef tataki x 2
- Steamed eggplant x 2
- Deep fried calamari
- Sashimi and tuna x 2
- Beef teriyaki
Personally, I could eat plates and plates of sashimi and tuna with lots of soy & wasabi forever but the standout dish this evening was the half eggplant, steamed until soft and creamy served with a peanut sauce. It was seriously delicious and we polished off two of these with ease.
The service is attentive, they do their absolute best to cater to your requests and allow enough time between each dish so you can enjoy everything and not feel rushed. But on top of all this the prices are outstanding. For this feast we only paid $25pp and it's BYO too.
Being a local of mine I wondered if I would encounter anyone I knew and surprise, surprise I did - one work buddy and one local buddy who promised to introduce me to a new sushi place in Neutral Bay....stay tuned.

Go Zen - Shop 5/ 142 Spit Road Mosman - (02) 9969 8889


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