Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jazushi, Devonshire St, Surry Hills

Jazushi, Devonshire St, Surry Hills
Thursday 22 February, 2007

OK, I'm having deja vu.......I swear I did this 2 weeks ago! So much fun was had at Jazushi and Hedwig that it had to be revisited.
Tonight my Mandarin buddy and I caught the train to Central and walked up Devonshire St to Jazushi. I love introducing friends to my favourite places and Jazushi did not disappoint.
We were greeted warmly and offered seats at the end of long share table. A complimentary bowl of beans arrived and we polished this off while I recounted the dishes my theatre buddy and I had enjoyed two weeks ago.
- Beef Tataki sliced seared beef roll with marinated onion in balsamic
- Camembert Tempura with teriyaki cream sauce
- JFC Jazushi fried Chicken with yuzu citrus sauce on bed of tartare
Yes, yes and yes. If only ordering was this easy each time you dined out!
We also ordered the Kakuni Pork Belly braised & marinated over night in soy dashi sauce that was incredibly soft and tender but not the best tasting pork belly - it had lots of stringy fat and was swimming in sauce.
As we enjoyed our meal the owners of Jazushi were auditioning a new jazz trio - the sultry singer, swinging guitar player and a very cool base player played several songs to a small crowd. They received applause and encouragement from the early diners and sure enough this translated into a booking - they have their first gig at Jazushi on Friday 16 March.
Considering the small crowd in the restaurant tonight I was surprised by how slow the service was. There was plenty of staff around but not much initiative. This has to improve.
As much as I wanted to order the chocolate creme brulee there just wasn't time - my stomach thanked me - and we headed down to the Tom Mann Theatre to see Hedwig. Great night!
Jazushi - 145 Devonshire St, Surry Hills - (02) 9699-8977


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