Friday, February 16, 2007

Gelatomassi, King St, Newtown

Gelatomassi, King St, Newtown

Friday 16 February, 2007

After a great evening - ZanziBar for drinks then dinner at Sumalee Thai - we walked up King St towards the city to find Gelatomassi.

One of our dinner buddies is a regular here and knows the team - Sal & Ciccio - behind its success. We were warmly greeted and invited inside. The first thing that struck me was the array of colours and flavours on offer. From your fruit varieties to your rich, creamy chocolates - it's a gelato lovers paradise.

As their website states,

With over 30 years of retail experience combined, the La Rosa brothers 'Salvatore & Ciccio' have made it their mission to bring the "sweetness of life" to the people of Sydney with Gelatomassi. Using methods adopted from Sicily - Italy, Gelatomassi is made fresh on the premises and stored at just the right temperature. Giving you the consumer…the perfect gelato experience!

"Gelato needs to be enjoyed" says Sal, "there's gelato then there's Gelatomassi. Nothing gives me more satisfaction then making a fresh batch of gelato and giving waiting customers a sample to taste. Their expressions say it all…the taste is truly to die for..."

Where to start? We salivated over the different offerings before each deciding on two scoops. I went with Green apple and baccio in a cup while my dinner buddies opted for flavours like watermelon, mint choc, white chocolate and tiramisu.

WOW! Words cannot describe how good this gelato is - it is so fresh, light and creamy. Honestly, this is the best gelato in Sydney. It was consistently packed with regulars the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and keen to share the new flavours - ask for a try or you will be offered one anyway.

There is minimal seating outside on the footpath and inside but there is a large share table at the rear. The walls are covered with photos of their regulars, friends and family and their framed reviews. They are proud of their success and should be.

I loved it.

Gelatomassi - 262 King St, Newtown - (02) 9526 0655


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steph, have you been to Il Dolce Freddo at Melbourne's Lygon St?
THey have plenty of bizarre flavour like Durian and Pandan and normal flavour like Ferrero Rocher or Nutella. It should be more than a formiddable match to Gelatomassi.

Looking forward to your next visit to Melbourne!

7:33 pm  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks anonymous,
I appreciate the tip & will definitely keep Il Dolce Freddo on my list for my next visit to Melbourne.
Any other Melbourne tips would be warmly received.

10:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

I forget to tell you that the owner of Il Dolce Freddo actually won a gelati competition in ITALY NOT Australia. I saw the certificate myself! It is still written only in ITALIAN.
Be assured, you will taste the best gelati crafted by a pedigreed artisan.
Need more proof? Go there at 10-11 PM on Friday, Sat or Sun and watch that no other joint along Lygon St is more clogged (with Asians) than this place!

NB: His style is full-bodied gelati which work well for flavor like Durian, Pandan or anything choc-based like Nutella or Ferrero Rocher. Unfortunately, this style just work for fruit-based flavor so my vote goes to Darlo's Gelato Messina for this case!

4:08 am  

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