Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Brew, Harrington St, The Rocks

Brew, Harrington St, The Rocks
Tuesday 15 May, 2007

Today's lunch time treat was returning to Brew. A friend of mine had a voucher from the Entertainment Book which enabled us to score one main meal for free - bonus!
We arrived without a reservation at 12.30pm. There was a sign at the entrance stating 'Please wait to be seated'. So we waited. The cafe was half full and the staff were moving around the floor topping up glasses and delivering food but didn't acknowledge us. We shuffled further inside hoping to be seen and after a short time a waiter wandered over and asked if we were here for lunch. I'm was tempted to answer this question with something ridiculous (such as, 'No, we just like standing here in the doorway') but held back.
After being seated we were provided with menus and our drinks orders taken. The lunch menu has changed a lot and offers more wintery options such risotto, pasta and steak plus the usual sandwiches, salads and wraps. You know when you scan a menu and get hooked on something then keep coming back to it? Well, I noticed the roast duck risotto immediately and nothing else on the menu mattered.
My lunch buddy tossed up a few different options and then came around to the roast duck risotto too. We ordered and then watched as Brew got busy. The tables are spaced quite close together so it's not the place for a private conversation however the staff are good at keeping everyone a table apart unless it gets too busy.
The decor at Brew is industrial with large exposed beams, concrete flooring and slick wooden chairs and tables. There is a great display of magazines and papers on the side bar that you are welcome to flick through as you wait for a takeaway coffee or pick up your lunch.
The risotto's arrived on round dinner plates with large shavings of parmesan on top. I was expecting to see large slices of duck either laid across the top or mixed into the risotto but it was finely chopped in small cubes. Cracked pepper was bought to the table and made to order. It did make me wonder why they didn't offer the same approach with the parmesan. The risotto was really creamy and piping hot. It was tasty but a tad on the glugy side.
Brew is a good local cafe open for breakfast and lunch - the staff are friendly and there is always something new on the menu.

Brew - 121 Harrington Street, The Rocks - (02) 9251 1577


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