Monday, April 24, 2006

Brew, Harrington Street, The Rocks

Brew, Harrington Street, The Rocks
Monday 24 April, 2006

Brew is located behind my office building and has become a trusty favourite for coffee, breakfast and lunch. You can always get a table, the service is good and the menu offerings are always very tasty.

Today I was meeting an old friend for lunch - it was a quiet day in the city as almost 75% of the office had taken the day off to enjoy a four day weekend. Thank goodness Brew was open.

The lunch menu is made up of a range of open sandwiches, salads, risottos etc. I decided to try the beef burger and my lunch buddy chose the fish & chips. The food was served promptly and the beef burger was served with roasted marinated vegetables and the burger bun was served with an thick, chunky avocado spread. The meat pattie was still pink in the middle which is OK as I like mine medium rare. The fish & chips arrived at the table with a bright yellow batter - it did look strange but my lunch buddy described it as a pumpkin tasting batter.

The lunch offerings range from $10 - 25 - don't tell too many people about Brew, it's a great place and it should just be our secret.

Brew - 121 Harrington Street, The Rocks - (02) 9251 1577


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