Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Via Abercrombie, Abercrombie Lane, Sydney

Via Abercrombie, Abercrombie Lane, Sydney
Wednesday 4 July, 2007

This morning a foodie friend introduced me to a hidden gem. Abercrombie Lane is situated off George St in between Bond & Bridge Sts. I never knew it existed.

I always think of Melbourne when I consider laneways however in the past few weeks I've discovered two Sydney laneways offering absolute gems. The first was Tank Stream Lane which houses Jimmy's Recipe Malaysia.

Via Abercrombie is known for it's lunchtime sandwiches - I've seen people return to the office with these massive packages and now I know where they got them! But, what few people also realise is that they do a mean brekkie too! They are open for breakfast and lunch each weekday and are described as,

"the best sandwich joint in Sydney, via Abercrombie is a slick and cosy place and a mecca for any sandwich-loving pilgrim. Coffee is excellent and breakfast is better, but it is the sandwiches who star here."

We arrived for our 'breakfast meeting' and we surprised to discover we were the only diners. It's a small space and the laneway runs right through from George St to Pitt St with via Abercrombie located closer to George St. There are a handful of tables & chairs outside with a large share table inside along with a few extra tables & chairs inside.

The daily papers and magazines are spread across the large share table and the staff are just delightful. We were warmly greeted and invited to take a seat. I was intrigued by their big breakfast offering which is a bargain for $10 that includes coffee. My breakfast buddie gave this the thumbs up so I ordered the big breakfast and she ordered scrambled eggs on toast with freshly sliced tomato.

As it's such a small space you can literally watch the breakfast cooking. During this time we watched a handful of coffee go-ers come in for their takeaway. Our breakfast was delivered and the servings were ridiculously large - so much so the bread is almost hanging off the plate. The eggs were very creamy and delicious whilst the bacon was crispy and the tomatoes fresh and succulent. Using the freshest produce, this is a breakfast of champions.

Aside from the food - I really enjoyed the coffee too. This is a find.

Via Abercrombie - Abercrombie Lane, Sydney - (02) 9251 0000


Anonymous Jo L said...

Mmmmm Abercrombie scramblies!!!

4:52 pm  

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