Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hot & Healthy, Bridge St, Sydney

Hot & Healthy, Bridge St, Sydney
Tuesday 28 August, 2007
This site was recently known as Burger Bar....one of my favourite lunchtime haunts. When we discovered the Burger Bar had closed we waited in anticipation to see what opened in its place. It didn't take long for Hot & Healthy to come on scene.
Using the same furniture but a few new canvases on the walls, the Hot & Healthy display is impressive. The brochures the staff hand out state, "Try our delicious range of healthy gourmet sandwiches, yogurts & juices. Grab a coffee & tasty treat....or some fresh BBQ chicken." With large glass cabinets displaying fresh fruit, sandwich fillings, roast pork & beef and tasty treats the menu is extensive including hot breakfasts, sandwiches, wraps and baguettes, burgers, roasts, soups, BBQ chicken, salad and yogurts. Where do you start?
My lunch buddy & I opted for burgers - each $7.50:

- Chilli chicken - chicken fillet schnitzel, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise & sweet chilli dressing
- Troppo chicken - chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, pineapple, lettuce and mayonnaise

There were several staff on the counter but the service is slow & steady. Everyone is pleasant and the hosts Sofia & Costa are keen to engage with new clientele in their new location. We ordered and paid at the counter and grabbed a table. Fortunately, we arrived early enough to secure a table with ease - must have had something to do with the perfect weather outside today!
The burgers didn't take long and a staff member appeared from the kitchen holding two large plates. There are no table numbers so he did the rounds asking who had ordered Chilli & Troppo. The burgers looked good and were cut in halves for ease - very kind. We squished them down and dug in. The sweet chilli sauce advertised on the Chilli chicken was actually hot chilli paste - I welcomed this but I'm not sure everyone would. With a fiery taste in my mouth I enjoyed every mouthful.
My lunch buddy also raved about the Troppo burger and we vowed to return within a couple of weeks. As we finished a steady stream of eager diners arrived to check out the offerings - many opting for the roast dinner.
Hot & Healthy - Shop 3A, 2 Bridge St, Sydney - (02) 9247 0555


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