Saturday, October 27, 2007

Danks St Depot, Danks St, Waterloo

Danks St Depot, Danks St, Waterloo
Saturday 27 October, 2007

It's been almost 2 years since I've visited Danks St Depot and I was looking forward to going back. Danks St has changed significantly since this time with the introduction of several new cafes - e.g Cafe Sopra, bakeries, grocers etc - it's a happening little street.
This morning we arrived for a breakfast and were surprised at how many tables were free. There was a time when you could be waiting for over 20 mins for tables...not any more. There are cafes galore in this neck of the woods. One thing hasn't changed - they still cram too many tables along the wall - meaning it can be challenge to get in and out.
We were on a mission to have the garlic bread. In fact, I'd been dreaming about it for a week! If they didn't offer it any more I would have been disappointed. Thankfully, our waitress said she would check for us and didn't think it would be a problem. Yes! A short time later she returned with the good news.
The breakfast menu hasn't changed all that much - it is lean but very hard to decide. I couldn't go past the basil & goats cheese omelet and my breakfast buddy ordered the same. This is heavenly but there are other very tempting items on the menu including the creamed eggs with truffle oil, WA sardines, BBQ asparagus and poached eggs etc.
When the garlic bread arrived it turned a few heads at the neighbouring tables. One couple asked for the menu back to see what it was and another just lent across and asked. We had to explain it isn't on the menu but it worth asking for. It was a buttery, garlic sensation and I could have eaten so much more.
Thankfully the eggs arrived and we were distracted by the explosion of goats cheese in the centre - yum! We found the service shoddy today but the food was just perfect.
Danks Street Depot - Danks Street, Waterloo - (02) 96982201


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