Thursday, November 08, 2007

Simple & Irresistible Thai, Miller St, North Sydney

Simple & Irresistible Thai, Miller St, North Sydney
Thursday 9 November, 2007

Promoting a restaurant under this name is setting yourself up for disaster, however I was curious. I had driven past this corner location opposite North Sydney oval many times and the signage didn't stand out so I had no idea what the place was called.

We arrived to celebrate a friend's birthday and was given a pile of menu to distribute ourselves. On the ledge behind our table were several candles - this almost proved disastrous as one of our dinner buddies lent back and almost had her hair go up in flames! Nice start. There was no drinks menu included in our pile of menus so we asked a staff member if the restaurant was BYO/ licensed. It was BYO.

There is a bottle shop attached to the North Sydney Hotel just a little further down Miller St so a few of us traipsed down there to purchase some wine. We had all agreed to order the banquet for $30pp which allowed us to try several different dishes and the entrees were being delivered just as we returned with the wine - great timing!

The entrees were a mix of the old favourites - Thai fish cakes, satay sticks, curry puffs and spring rolls. Theses were served with two sauces and we were all impressed by the portion sizes and flavours.

Just as we had finished the entrees and sat back to pause for a minute the mains arrived in quick succession - Chicken with cashews, tofu stir fry, massaman curry, garlic prawns and a generous serve of steamed rice. Each dish was presented on a different sized plate and the rice was dished out by a staff member. The food was pretty good but I couldn't go as far as irresistible. My favourite dish was the chicken with cashews - it was simple, the soy sauce provided a great kick and there was a generous serve of cashews throughout.

There was a rowdy group of 8 at the table behind us which made any conversation difficult and after 10pm when most of the guests had left the staff starting sweeping the floors and tidying up around us - we got the message! The service was average - many of the staff just went through the paces and didn't engage in any conversation.

Simple & Irresistible Thai - 283 Miller St, North Sydney - (02) 9929 6696


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