Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Boathouse, Ferry Road, Glebe

The Boathouse, Ferry Road, Glebe
Thursday 3 January, 2007

A wedding is a wonderful occasion and this was a sensational event. The ceremony was in the park at Blackwattle Bay - white chairs lined either side of the red carpet on the cobble stoned pathway and the water was the back drop. Stunning.

After the ceremony we were ushered less than 100 metres away to The Boathouse. Tony Papas and Robert Smallbone established The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay in 1997 after being inspired by wonderful Paris brasseries like Terminus Nord, where the seafood is delivered to tables in pristine condition and with great theatre. Located in an historic converted boathouse at Blackwattle Bay, the d├ęcor is classic modern Australian.

Wooden floors, crisp white linen, solid white china and stunning white flower arrangements welcomed us as we arrived at the top of the stairs. Staff carrying trays of sparkling wine and a very cool DJ spinning some cool tunes created a wonderfully relaxed environment.

The attention to detail was second to none - it was so impressive. The menus were carefully placed at each setting and outlined what we would be served:


Woodside goats curd tuile with watercress and cucumber dressing OR
Roast duck breast, simmered eggplant with master stock, star anise and shiso


Roast blue eye trevalla from Eden with broccolini, eschalot, preserved lemon and oyster salt OR
Grilled 150 year old grain fed angus beef sirloin with nori, lentils, soy and shitake mushrooms

Both served with mixed leaf salad & roast dutch cream potatoes


Pedro Ximenez ice cream with chocolate mousse and coffee granita OR
Grilled mango sorbet, mango panna cotta and mango sushi rice

The food was exquisite and everyone was happy to swap dishes to secure what they wanted. I thoroughly enjoyed the goats curd - it was incredibly creamy and very decadent. The trevalla was light and absorbed the lemon & salt well. The roast dutch cream potatoes were crispy around the edges and soft in the centre. But, the absolute standout was the Pedro Ximenez dessert. It was completely over the top and I feared I would be up for 3 days with the coffee granita but I loved every mouthful.

What a great night.

The Boathouse - End of Ferry Road, Glebe - (02) 9518 9011


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