Saturday, January 05, 2008

Trebob Seafood Restaurant, Mulga Rd, Oatley

Trebob Seafood Restaurant, Mulga Rd, Oatley
Saturday 5 January, 2008

Tonight we were celebrating the 70th birthday of a very special lady - Aunty Yvonne. Hosted by her three children and surrounded by extended family this night was always going to be memorable.
Trebob is located in the heart of Oatley with ample parking in the side streets. The name, funnily enough, is not French, but an amalgamated name from the owners - Tracey & Bob who have run this family business for just over 10 years.
You enter Trebob by sliding back a large window door. The front dining room seats at least 40 and there is an open bar and kitchen to the rear. Just beyond this is a private dining area with exposed brick walls, stained glass light fixtures and velvet covered chairs. The Christmas decorations were still on display but, as I was reminded tonight, tomorrow is officially the end of the 12 days of Christmas - so all is forgiven.
With a large group - 13 kids and 17 adults - Trebob offered a generous menu of 4 entrees, mains and desserts to pick from. They also included several kids options, fish & chips and crumbed calamari, and kept the jugs of lemonade and coca-cola coming. The restaurant is fully licensed and BYO - bottled wine only.
For the adults the options were:
- Baked Camembert wrapped in puff pastry with shalloted bacon & served with cumberland sauce
- Golden Calamari lightly crumbed, fried & served with tartare sauce
- Coconut Prawns & Tempura Asparagus coated in coconut, d-fried & served with honey curry mayonnaise
- Smoked Canadian Salmon with oven dried veges, baby english spinach & truffle oil
- Whiting Fillets Beer Batter with chips & garlic soy dips
- Supreme Chicken Mango breast fillets in a mango white wine cream sauce
- Medallions of Beef Burgundy with bacon, mushroom & red burgundy jus on garlic potato mash
- Barramundi Cleopatra grilled with prawn meat in bearnaise sauce
- Mango Cream Pot chilled mango custard topped with honey caramel
- Sticky Date Pudding with creme anglaise and butterscotch sauce
- Profiteroles with zabaglione cream and chocolate sauce
- Tiramisu sponge dipped in kahlua coffee with cointreau cheese cream
Decisions, decisions......I agreed to go half and half so that I could try a few dishes and sampled the Baked Camembert (decadent with rich, soft camembert that oozed out of the pastry), Coconut Prawns (dipped in coconut and lightly battered with a lovely curry sauce), Canadian salmon (a little light on and disguised under an enormous salad) and the Supreme Chicken Mango and Barramundi Cleopatra (these two looked suspiciously similar under a thick sauce surrounded by lots of vegetables). I didn't get around to dessert however by the looks of the empty plates on each table they were delicious.
This is a local, family run restaurant and they all chip in - Tracey & Bob work the floor and ensured that we were well looked after night and their kids help out as needed with the uncles and aunts in control of the kitchen. They are hard working and eager to please and when I enquired about the upstairs dining room they were very keen to take me on a tour.
Tonight the celebrations were heartfelt, the speeches entertaining and there was a lot of love in the room. Aunty Yvonne's 70th was a night to remember.
Trebob Seafood Restaurant - 71 Mulga Road, Oatley - (02) 9580 8233


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