Friday, December 16, 2005

Bungalow 8, The Promenade, King Street Wharf

Bungalow 8, The Promenade, King Street Wharf
Friday 16 December, 2005

On any Friday Bungalow 8 is packed. I am telling you this to manage your expectations & so you don't turn up and assume you will be seated in the groovy booths. These can be booked for groups, so do this well in advance.

Today was our team Christmas lunch. An opportunity to kick back, get to know your work colleagues in a social setting and enjoy lunch. What a fabulous location, King Street Wharf has so many restaurants and Bungalow 8 is the place to be seen. It's hip, it's happening and I'm glad we arrived at lunch. By 4pm it was beginning to burst at the seams and the crowd was spilling out onto the promenade.

We arrived late. A call had been made to let them know but they had given our table away to another group. No dramas, we ordered drinks while they prepared another location for us to sit. It was cosy but once the wine started flowing and the food arrived no-one cared.

The staff were efficient and pleasant. It happened to be one of the most hot & humid days of the year and many of us were quietly melting. The food was good and was served quickly. The poor guys in the kitchen had their work cut out for them in the heat.

I loved the colourful parasols hanging upside down from the exposed beams and the open plan setting. It is a noisy, buzzing, lively space but there's really no where to escape the heat. Even inside near the bar, with its dim lighting, did not provide any relief.

The table ordered fish & chips, calamari & chips, salt & pepper squid, atlantic salmon, the tasting plate, honey soy chicken, peking duck salad and tuna nicoise. The servings were large and there were no major complaints.

As the afternoon wore on, we were replenishing our jugs of water regularly. Our lunch kicked on into after work drinks and the crowd increased every minute. What a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Bungalow 8 - The Promenade, 8 King Street Wharf - (02) 92994660


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