Friday, January 20, 2006

Issus Cafe & Bar, Centre Lane, Melbourne

Issus Cafe & Bar, Centre Lane, Melbourne
Friday 20 January, 2006

We left Sydney at the crack of dawn for Melbourne - aside from the foodie adventure in front of us we were really there to see the tennis. We arrived at our hotel just on 9am a short walk from this great laneway I had discovered on my last visit - Centre Lane.

Centre Lane is full of cafes, coffee bars and is a spectacular location for people watching. It's narrow but full of tables and chairs and has a very Parisian feel with the curved cafe signs hanging above the tables. The inside of most of the cafes are empty - the sidewalk is the place to be seen. On a Monday morning it was packed - don't these people have jobs to go to? We wandered through the maze and stumbled across Issus. It had black leather cube seats and large tables - perfect for breakfast and reading the paper.

I ordered the big breakfast - fried eggs on sourdough with Andrew's sausages, bacon, grilled tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms. My tennis buddy ordered Eggs benedict - poached eggs with premium ham on a toasted English muffin coated with traditional Hollandaise sauce. Both were fair - they were nothing special just the run of your mill breakfast. My bread wasn't sourdough and the coffee was terrible - Grinders.

The service was OK and the Manager appeared to use the inside of Issus to entertain his friends over coffee. I wouldn't rush back but the atmosphere is so good that I'd probably try another cafe in the laneway.

Issus Cafe & Bar - 8 Centre Pl Melbourne - (03) 96638844


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to Issus cafe and bar on 16th February 2007- it was one of the worse experiences i have ever had in a cafe. The service was terrible- the waitress clearly wasn't interested in taking our order after we refused her initial offer of coffee. The food was mediocre- and they charge $2 for hash browns- just one 4cm in length. The juices didn't arrive until the end of the meal- and when we said it was too late- they said it was beause they only have one juicer& lots of people want them...then why offer juices, i say!!!Please don't go there i urge you!it gives little melbourne cafes a bad name
claire, brunswick,vic

6:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luv Issus the meals are fantastic and so tasty & are also really good sized portions - Value for Money. Luv the De Bella coffee they use and the fresh juices they make are fantastic!!! I always have an enjoyable experience. The place is always busy on a wkend but the staff always make an effort. Highly recommend it!

10:50 pm  
Blogger Alexa Nice said...

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11:16 pm  

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