Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Curry Cremorne, Spofforth St, Cremorne

Curry Cremorne, Spofforth St, Cremorne
Tuesday 21 February, 2006

This might sound strange but I'm not that familiar with my local takeaway offerings. I much prefer going to restaurants as opposed to ordering takeaway from them. Tonight, I decided to check out the options in Cremorne.

The caption on their takeaway menu, "Dishes are cooked followed by the order", should have been warning enough but my hunger got the better of me. Curry Cremorne have all the usual Indian dishes, lamb korma, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, beef rogon josh and mixed dahl.

There was a reasonable crowd inside and it only took about 5 minutes for my order to be taken. For $9.90 I order butter chicken with a side of basmati rice. To my surprise the butter chicken was served on a bed of rice. I would have preferred the side of rice to be just that, a side.

Arriving home, the food was luke warm and needed a minute in the microwave. The butter chicken was OK, but it was far too heavy on the tomato and not heavy enough on the tumeric or chilli.

I've heard Sydney's best butter chicken is at Darbar on Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe. So, I tossed the takeaway menu in the bin and made a reservation at Darbar for next week.

Curry Cremorne - 87 Spofforth St, Cremorne - (02) 99083003



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