Friday, March 03, 2006

Bar 333, George St, Sydney

Bar 333, George St, Sydney
Friday 3 March, 2006

Bar 333 is conveniently located opposite Martin Place on George St. Walking up George St from The Rocks on this steamy Friday I was pleasantly surprised to enter Bar 333 and feel like I just landed in the South Pole. It was freezing.

Bar 333 is huge, with a sports bar, the asian inspired Infusion restaurant and Three lounge. We had a lunch booking for 7 - all former work buddies, so took the stairs up to the lounge/ restaurant. We were seated in the lounge (no tables, just small coffee tables) and watched the crowds roll in. It's a popular spot for large group bookings.

The idea is you order and pay for drinks and food at the bar. Despite the crowds and the queue it didn't take that long. The lunch offerings are varied with share items e.g. salt & pepper calamari, dim sims and main meals e.g. chicken burgers, bangers & mash, fish & chips and vege fritatas.

Even though we had put all our meals on the same number, it was all delivered randomly. Some had finished by the time others had started and one of our group didn't get her meal at all. After repeated requests from the passing staff she finally went to the bar to enquire only to find it had been sitting there unclaimed.

I ordered the chicken schnitzel with peppercorn sauce & chips for $14. It was actually pretty good and the peppercorn sauce was a great compliment. One of my former work buddies, a connoisseur of salt & pepper calamari, was pleasantly surprised but mentioned there could have been more salt & pepper. It was delivered to the table on small oblong plates with a great side of chilli mayo. The dim sims were delivered to the table in steam baskets which was a great touch. Overall the food was pretty good.

It's a high turnover location, especially for the Friday lunch crowd. By the time we left it was still packed and the downstairs sports bar was bursting at the seams.

Bar 333 - 333 George St, Sydney - (02) 9299 8333


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