Thursday, March 02, 2006

Credo, Miller St, Cammeray

Credo, Miller St, Cammeray
Thursday 2 March, 2006

The day before our reservation I received a very abrupt call from Credo. The gentleman introduced himself and then launched into,'You have a reservation for 5 people on Thursday - is this correct?' I replied with 'Yes, that's correct'. He then said, 'It's definitely 5 people?'. Again I replied, 'Yes that's correct'. Then came the clincher, 'Are you sure?'. Talk about first impressions.....

When we arrived for our 7pm reservation there were about four other tables full. We were invited to take a seat in the bar/ lounge first but decided to go straight to our table. Further inside Credo, past the bar/ lounge, are some steps down to the restaurant. The decor is plush dark carpet, dim lighting and the crisp, white table clothes and sparkling wine glasses stand out.

By 8pm the restaurant was full but we still hadn't ordered. Sure, one our group was about 45 minutes late, but it was really hard to attract anyone's attention to even order drinks or obtain menus. When the staff did come to the table they were very friendly but there just wasn't enough of them.

The menu looked great and there is a signature starter, MAT - mezze, antipasto and tapas that is perfect for a group to share with lots of turkish bread. I love menus that offer more than just entrees, mains and desserts e.g. the food philosophy of the chef, some background, seasonal produce etc. Credo delivers on all counts. Not surprisingly, the head chef is another former Banc employee, William Smirnios. The wine list is surprising with a selection of wines by the glass.

We finally received a complimentary starter of cauliflower and bacon soup (very nice) around 8.15pm and our main meals arrived after several visits to the table by different waiters apologising for the delay at 8.35pm. Despite this, the food was fantastic. Everyone at the table went quite as we indulged in our meals - I absolutely loved the corn fed chicken with lime and my old school buddies loved their squid ink linguini and roast lamb cutlets. We all commented that were surprised at how good the food was considering the lack of service.

For the food alone I will definitely return.

Credo - 504 Miller St, Cammeray - (02) 9922 6662


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