Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Burger Bar, Bridge St, Sydney

Burger Bar, Bridge St, Sydney
Wednesday 1 March, 2006

Always on the look out for a new lunch spot my work buddy suggested the Burger Bar over on Bridge St. I had never heard of it so was more than happy to check it out.

We entered via Dalley St (a small lane way just opposite our building) and then took a pokey staircase into a very small, hidden away food arcade. I had no idea it even existed. There were plenty of people inside (there is another entrance on Bridge St) and the Burger Bar is located at one end.

It's a new, fresh looking place with a decent amount of seating (but get there early if there are more than two of you). You order at the bar and the selections are extensive - approx. 15 different burgers and a range of other meals e.g salads, fajitas etc (for the burger-phobes). Decisions, decisions.......
I liked the sound of each and every burger but settled on the Chilli beef - 100% premium beef, fresh tomato, jalapeno sauce, iceberg lettuce and avocado sour cream dressing. For $8.50 I thought this was pretty reasonable - especially in the city. You can order variety of side dishes e.g. chips, salads but we decided the burger would be more than enough.

The Burger Bar philosophy is fresh, delicious food made to order. Their menu states, 'All beef patties are made from 100% premium low fat beef. Our burgers are served on a large gourmet bread roll with Burger bar mayo and crisp fresh lettuce plus any nominated sauces and relishes. Our chicken breast is chemical and hormone free'.

Our meals were delivered to the table promptly and the chilli beef was delicious - could have been a little hotter for my liking but it was very good. My work buddy enjoyed her spicy pumpkin & zucchini rosti with fetta, minted cucumber yoghurt and mixed leaves. Everything was very fresh and I really liked the fact that chips didn't come standard with the order - it's all about the burgers.

Once finished our plates were cleared from the table and we were asked how we enjoyed our meals. We both agreed they were 'Really good'. They also serve Tiro drinks and I'm currently addicted to the pink grapefruit flavour plus if are still a bit peckish after a burger, they offer a selection of the finest premium ice-cream from Nice Cream.

Burger Bar - Lower Ground Floor, 2 Bridge St, Sydney - (02) 9247 0555


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