Saturday, February 25, 2006

Restaurant Sojourn, Darling St, Balmain

Restaurant Sojourn, Darling St, Balmain
Saturday 25 February, 2006

Opening earlier this month, Restaurant Sojourn is the latest offering from a former Banc chef. Banc must go down in history as producing the most competent, self starters. Sojourn is located in East Balmain - continue driving all the way down Darling St towards the ferry wharf and it is directly opposite the Commercial Hotel. Interestingly, sojourn is an old English word meaning 'to dwell for a time in a place'.

Sojourn is housed in a beautiful terrace - the wooden panels on the exterior and the sandstone interior have a great warmth. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and we were given a table right at the front. Within minutes we were provided with a warm sourdough roll - the table already had a small dish of salt and another of soft butter (thank you).

The menu is concise with a approx. 8 offerings for entree and main and approx. 5 offerings for dessert. The prices are set with entrees $18 each and mains $28 each. It was really hard to decide as every dish sounded fabulous.

Once we ordered we were provided with a complimentary starter. Roast carrot soup with honey cream and walnuts served in a minature tea cup. It was sensational and the perfect size - anymore would have been too rich.

For entree I chose the chicken terrine with split pea vinaigrette and chicken liver pate - it was delicately presented on a rectangle plate and tasted delicious. My theatre buddy ordered the sauteed ricotta gnocchi with asparagus, dried tomatoes and parmesan wafer. Even though they have only been opened for a few weeks this has fast become one of their signature dishes.

It was around this time that we noticed the restaurant had become very warm. There was air-conditioning on when we arrived, but we could no longer feel it. Each time new diners arrived and the front door opened we were treated to a refreshing cool wind and wished our table was out on the pavement. When we asked our waiter, he was embaressed to share with us that the couple seated under the air-conditioning vent has complained it was too cold, so the air had been turned off. This meant the rest of the diners had to sweat it out.

For main I ordered the assiette of pork which was served in a unique way - tender pork peices accompanied by shredded pork served on blood pudding. It was really good but there was just a little too much blood pudding for my liking. My theatre buddy ordered the stuffed veal shank with white polenta, tarragon and mushrooms. We also ordered sauteed broccoli with almonds and beurre noisette. Everything was beautiful.

After such a satisfying meal we decided to skip dessert - it was uncomfortably warm by this point so we asked for the bill. I thought the prices were very reasonable considering the quality.

The downside? There is limited parking in Balmain and most, if not all the street parking has a two hour limit.

Restaurant Sojourn - 79 Darling St, Balmain - (02)9555 9764


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