Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lindt Cafe, Martin Place, Sydney

Lindt Cafe, Martin Place, Sydney
Thursday 30 March, 2006

Did someone say chocolate for lunch? Lindt opened their flagship shop & cafe in November 2004. They sell Lindt chocolates and serve a variety of chocolate-based foods such as cakes, ice-cream, pastries, special deserts and waffles - what more could a chocoholic want?

They don't take bookings for lunch and after several phone calls re: our table of six, they refused to help. I was politely informed that they have a no bookings policy. Gee, how hard is it? Is it the taking of the booking that is the difficulty or is it that people just don't show up when a booking is made and the cafe/ restaurant is left with a vacant table? I personally think a no bookings policy is a deterrent and I tend to steer clear of these places. Higher end restaurants such as Rockpool and Tetsuya have instigated a deposit for tables above 6 - 8 guests so they are not left high and dry by guests that pull a 'no show' and I completely agree with this approach.

Anyway, we arrived at the Lindt cafe around 12.30pm and hardly any tables were occupied out the front and the umbrellas were not up, so we wondered inside and there was also plenty of room. The interior is spacious with high ceilings and plush decor. There is a long white leather lounge occupying the length of the cafe with tables of 2 and 4 along side. The stand alone chairs on the other side have handles as they are so heavy to move.

We perused the menu and contemplated having hot chocolate and dessert for lunch, however the actual lunch options sounded really good. We all splurged on the lindt chocolate milkshake - a real heart stopper - with white, milk and dark chocolate sprinkled on top. Wow!

For lunch I enjoyed the cantina roll with leg ham, tasmanian brie, rocket and mango chutney. I had to ask what the cantina roll was and it was explained to me as a panini - long, thin bread. What arrived at the table was vastly different - a short, fat roll. It was still good but our waitress clearly did not understand the menu options. My lunch buddies also enjoyed their lunches, however the comments ranged from, the vegetable tart was too small (maybe they want you to order dessert?) and the lamb foccacia was toasted but the filling was cold. So, overall the lunch menu is average - maybe next time we'll stick to dessert?

The service is also average - we had to ask how we pay - at the counter or at the table? When we were told to pay at the counter our waitress then said she could bring the bill to the table. So, as we were already on our feet we paid at the counter - they don't allow you to pay separately.

As Easter is fast approaching the theme is carrots - so there's some great visuals throughout the shop and cafe.

Lindt Cafe - Martin Place (cnr Phillip St), Sydney - (02) 8257 1600


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