Friday, March 17, 2006

Taglio Pizza Kitchen, York St, Sydney

Taglio Pizza Kitchen, York St, Sydney
Friday 17 March, 2006

I was searching for a mid way point between Town Hall and The Rocks for lunch. So, we decided to meet at the corner of York & Barrack to assess our options.

I noticed Taglio as I headed up York St, it looked busy, had a few tables on the sidewalk and some more seating inside. I popped in and asked if they had a table for 2. The first reaction I received was 'no'. The second reaction I received was 'how many people?'. Repeating my initial question I asked 'Do you have a table for 2?'

Finally they agreed to seat us but only on the proviso that we vacate the table 40 minutes later. That we could do. My pregnant buddy and I were seated near the front of the restaurant directly opposite the pizza kitchen and coffee bar. It's small inside and there are more tables up some stairs towards the back but, strangely, they were not being used, despite the lunch crowd.

We ordered immediately, I selected the italian sausage and mushroom pizza and my pregnant buddy chose the anchovy, tomato, olives and mozzarella. We didn't really know how this would be served at the table - would we receive a small pizza, one slice with some salad - there isn't any description on the menu and the staff are too busy to spend any time speaking with their diners.

That said, we were thrilled with our lunches, we received two rectangle pieces of our chosen pizza and then asked if we would like any of the complimentary toppings e.g. pepper, chilli flakes etc. This concept is brilliant as it allows you to create your own. I was first introduced to this in Chicago, where pizza is part of their diet. When you order a pizza in Chicago it is prepared according to your requirements for base (e.g. thick, thin, cheese crust etc) and toppings. The rest is up to you and they provide all the accompaniments - chilli flakes is a must.

There are other lunch items on the menu, such as salads, pastas, turkish & paninis. However, the pizzas are the worth trying.

The downsides were the cutlery provided - the knives were not sharp enough to slice into the pizza and also the service - abrupt, impatient - spring to mind.

I would return for the pizza (cheap and cheerful price of $8.50 for lunch) but would ensure I had a booking, so not to be forced out the door to make way for the next diners.

Taglio Pizza Kitchen - 65 York St, Sydney - (02) 9299 5582


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I often go to Taglio because I work nearby... and always walk away satisfied.

Theyre always so busy at lunchtime but i spose that is to be expected of a place right in the CBD that is as consistently good as Taglio.

The pizzas are awesome and if you're not heading there on your lunchbreak definitely check it out on a Thurs or friday night for their woodfire pizzas... yum yum!

5:58 pm  

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